Tuesday, July 12, 2011

this is the truest shit I ever wrote...

ok the post about me preparing myself to become a doctor is no longer relevant...

frankly speaking, the past 3 months might be the hardest time I've went through in my whole life.. the lousy SPM result, the rejection by numerous sponsorship bodies, the envy of watching my friends accepting offers and scholarships to further their study overseas or even in local universities and the fact that I've disappointed my parents.. the reality was really hard for me to swallow at that time...

I don't have to blame anyone actually about my result.. it was my fault for not being serious and my perfunctory manner towards SPM.. honestly, I was never really focus in my studies during my last year in Alam Shah.. serve me right.. my SPM slip was really a smack in the face...

I need 1 month to actually settled down and deal with the fact that life must goes on.. I told my mind that Allah always has His own plan for us and this kind of circumstance is one of His test to His servants...everyday, I spent my time praying for Allah to guide me and show me the path that is right for me to start the new chapter of my miraculous life...

funny things about miracles though, they will always appear in the most extraordinarily way and sometimes even beyond your wildest dream..  last week when it's happened to me.. receiving a sublime call from PNB telling me that I'm now one of their scholarship recipients.. I was like  (photo below)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess Allah really has prepared a great path for me... now it's either to use this precious opportunity or just let it slip.. to seize every moment in my A-level for academics and other stuff or just repeating the same old mistakes I made in Alam Shah.. 

I am grateful to have wonderful parents and sisters who keep advising and support me in whatever things that I want to do.. how I love my family... the teachers of Alam Shah who always believe in me.. and of course my brothers from PIRATES 0610 who always motivate me to become a strong person like I used to be.. thanks guys I love all of you and good luck in your studies.. and lastly my lovely friends and seniors from PKTR 2010.. without all of you I will not become who I am today.. 

to be honest I am not that proud to of my life journey till this day, to be more honest actually I am.. :)

p/s : wow, I thought it was just a figure of speech but this is indeed the truest shit i ever wrote


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    This is not even terameter near to shit bro!
    This is a the most valuable gold in the whole world!
    This sort of chance doesn't come often. Allah likes to test His servants but He knows that we can always overcome it. Be strong Zuheir. Have faith and always FOCUS in ur studies. But then, a little play is fine. Tp sikit saja laa :)

  3. woahhh. pnbb tuuuuu. congrats bro :D

  4. hanie:haha shit is not a suitable metaphor i guess.. but again it was just a figure of speech.. yeah Alhamdulillah for this opportunity.. will try my best for A-level.. thanks for ur concern and good luck jugak!

  5. aiman: x sehebat bnm la haha.. thanks bro! wish me luck