Monday, June 20, 2011

in the lair of the lotus eaters..


Oh God please help me.. I'm stuck here in the lair of the lotus eaters..
6 months of relaxation really turned me into a lazy bum.. huh..
and suddenly i have to start attending classes again..  writing essays again.. reading tonnes of books.. and just to picture that scares the hell out of me..

I don't want to leave this comfy life.. the good food, long naps, facebooking and fraping hehe.. it's just so irresistible.. and needless to say,addictive..

but sadly, the time passed in a jiffy, it's time to step on another level of my life.. the tertiary level..

and challenges will be harder, no more spoon-feeding from your teacher, no more last minute study, no more chatting with your friends till morning.. this is the future.. the path that i have to walk to succeed.. 

and it's all depends on me now.. whether to crawl and left behind by my fellow comrades who pursuing the same dream as mine and working so hard to earn it..
or to run as fast as I could to be the best among the others..

whether I'm ready to go through that tough and atypical journey.. It will be decided soon..

first, like what Odysseus did to all his soldiers who were intoxicated in the lair of the lotus eaters.. I have to sober up and be prepared..

wish me luck..

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