Sunday, June 12, 2011

ok.. this is an announcement..

Salam readers..


*drum roll

i'm gonna widen the scope of this blog!!!!!!!


*sitcom cheers n claps

ok enough.. imaginary crowds! 

*sitcom boo

haha alright,alright back to the announcement.. i'd ran out of ideas to keep on updating my blog..  
despite there's nothing new and interesting in our music industry and there's a hell lot of movies for me to review and of course needless to say, peers who frequently urging me to speak about something more than just movies and music..

Barney: zuheir, c'mon your blog is getting boring! pfft and you claimed to the world that i'm your mentor ?
Isabella: music n movies? really? u think u r a freaking experts or something?
Freddy:write about ur life bro... or u don't have one? XD

haha although all of them are my favorite imaginary friends.. but still..

so i decided to write about other interesting things.. whether they are politics,world issues or my own experiences.. u name it..

 barbados11.blogspot will become a more personal,mature and maybe a lil bit emotional (nahh i don't think so) site..

so readers,i'll still write about music n movies.. but probably not as frequent as before :)

lastly, i love y'all..

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