Saturday, May 21, 2011


Assalamualaikum n salam sejahtera..

Whassup yo? haha 

memandangkan post kali ni ttg rap n hip hop.. so kena yaww yaww la yee.. XD

alright,enough with the nonsense..

this time, aku nak bercerita ttg muzik rap n hip hop.. bukan rock bukan metal but hip hop..


the thing is aku dah kurang minat dgn genre ni sebenarnya, sbb the new hip-hop dah x best.. it's not creative.. everything now is about the beat,style,image,auto-tune and well,chicks..

seriously,the new generation of rappers (well not all) dah x pentingkan lyrics..  rap music was supposed to be a genre of expressions, satire, poetry and voice of issues macam racism, war, poverty and politics.. that's real hip hop..  tapi sekarang ni semuanya pasal sex, chicks, money, and surprisingly, even cars are now one of the rap music topic..

BEAMER, BENZ OR BENTLEY ???!! Lloyd Bank, u gotta be kidding me.. I mean... really?

well, i'm missing something that can be classified as instant classic.. something like 2pac,Biggie Small,Nas, LL Cool J, Run DMC,KRS-One or Slick Rick..

they are legends of this music.. I mean I know the intention of these young rappers are to make money.. u can still make a hell lot of penny without selling out.. without creating horrible songs like Yung Joc's "It's Goin' Down" or Timbaland's "Get on The Bus"...

classic example of a rapper that make money and maintain his reputation with satirical lyric is Jay-Z...
he is undoubtedly G.O.A.T. and i see him as the best rapper alive.. (sorry for Jay-Z haters :) )

Kanye West however didn't make it.. the old Kanye is great but the new one is totally selling out and this makes him not even in my top 30 rappers of all time..

okay, nmpak tak problem skarang? kita ketandusan bakat dlm bidang hip hop.. yg boleh menjadi the voice of generation mcm dulu2.. 

anyhow, recently i noticed some kind of new movement or progress propelling this music even further than before.. 

young dude like Lil' Wayne is improving his flow and lyrics making his music even more exciting than A Milli .. Check out Haters (La,La,La).. it's awesome..

T.I is also kinda okay (except for his horrible new album "No Mercy" ).. Drake has something in him that he hasn't show to the world yet.. his current music portray his raw lyrics creativeness despite his young age.. I really anticipated to listen something great from this guy in the future.. 

Kid Cudi hrmm.. still young.. his lyrics are too simple and his songs are more to the beat.. but his music is kinda catchy and mesra-radio haha.. 

Lupe Fiasco.. really promising.. his current music is fair enough to put him in the best rappers alive list.. Lupe is the new face of hip hop..

dan yg paling menarik sekarang ni ialah, OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All)..

don't compare them with A Tribe Called Quest, Wu Tang Clan, N.W.A. and other rap groups.. because their music is what critics called the future of hip hop..they are completely different.. the group lead by Tyler,The Creator and he claimed Odd Future has more than 60 members.. but only few of them produce music.. the notable members of Odd Future are Earl Sweatshirt,Frank Ocean,Hodgy Beats,Domo Genesis and Mike G..

their dark music however arouse uneasiness among rap music enthusiasts as they  spoke about Satan, burning schools,killing people and other horrifying things.. and their live performance also as terrifying as their records..

so people claim Tyler as one of the Satanic worshiper.. and his group is his plan to take over the world (well at least that's what he said).. but I think it is all just a gimmick.. and people freaking out is exactly what Odd Future want as their popularity continue to arise..

so watch out for them, their next projects maybe even more epic than now...

so tu je yg aku nak cerita.. ape masalahnya sekarang dan mcm mana bentuk music hip hop dalam 10 tahun akan dtg..

di bawah ialah my top 20 best rappers list

2)Notorious B.I.G.
3) 2pac
5)Big Punisher
6)Talib Kweli
7)Big L
12)Kool G Rap
13)Slick Rick
14)Dr. Dre
15)LL Cool J
16) Ice Cube
17)Big Daddy Kane
19)Snoop Dogg

Lupe Fiasco can wait hehe..

Chow yaw!


  1. cool.. sblm ni aku xtaw pun bnda ni.. xprsan pulak hiphop dh corrupted..

  2. dah terlalu corrupted dah.. dah x mcm dulu2..